CPD Qualifiers

Wed, 04/15/2015 - 16:52
by Jonathan Reddekopp

Congratulations to the following Orange Empire CPCUs on completing the requirements of the Chartered property Casualty Underwriters Society for Continuing Professional Development.  This is evidence of their belief and commitment to the concept of education as not just a goal, but an ongoing process.  To access more information about the CPD program and how you can add your name to this list,the CPCU Society web page has more information.

  • Greg Backley
  • Cheryl Baldwin
  • Julie Carlson
  • Michael Cotsenmoyer
  • James Court
  • John Degbor
  • Raymond Duran
  • Andrea Eickhoff
  • Jade D. Flores
  • Cheryl Lynn Guyatt
  • Timothy Harker
  • Ben Lin
  • Donald Lynch
  • Valarie Maddox
  • Stephanie P. Meadows
  • Ksenia Muench
  • Darci Noonan
  • Timohty M. Short
  • Stephen Sloman
  • Jerome Tremolet de Villers
  • Heather Valtier
  • Christine Welch
  • William Wetter
  • Joan Williams
  • Jo Ann Wood
  • Madison Zimmer

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