CPCU Champions

Fri, 10/07/2016 - 11:34
by Orange Empire Chapter

What Do Champions Do?

Champions may be asked to assist the Society in connecting with specific groups within their company, such as the staff responsible for deciding on sponsorship opportunities, or contacts within the Human Resources Department in charge of executive development or continuing education.

The champion need only provide a name and contact information, and the Society will follow up. In addition, champions of companies selected for a “Connections” visit by members of the CPCU Society’s Executive Committee will be asked to assist in arranging the visit.

The Society will rely on its champions to invite senior company executives to the Connections meeting, schedule an appropriate time, and secure meeting space.

Other possibilities include serving as the contact within your company or office for information about the CPCU designation or the CPCU Society.

Champions are also asked to alert the Society to company announcements or decisions that may impact CPCU Society member support. And, you may have the opportunity to accompany your company’s CEO or other top officers to special executive events at the Society’s Annual Meeting and Seminars.

To find out how you can become a CPCU Champion, check out the Champion Mission Statement and Champion Roles, developed by the Champion Advisory Committee. Also explore the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

The following people are resources in their respective companies for the Society and CPCU. If you work at these companies, feel free to contact them with your questions or for support for your insurance education initiatives.


Morgan T. Anderson, CPCU - Arthur J Gallagher Risk Management Services

Debora Lynne Martin, CPCU - Auto Club of Southern CA

Jonathan E. Reddekopp, CPCU - Everest National

John M. Garrett, CPCU - Garrett Mosier Insurance Services Inc.

Lawrence S. Totura, CPCU - Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies

Andrea Jean Eickhoff, CPCU - Mercury Insurance Group

Cheryl Lynn Guyatt, CPCU - Mercury Insurance Group

Janet Norris, CPCU - Mercury Insurance Group

Kenneth G. Kitzmiller, CPCU - Mercury Insurance Group

Stephanie P. Meadows, CPCU - Mercury Insurance Group

Karen C. Frech, CPCU - QBE

Gregory J. Nelson, CPCU - Western Growers

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